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Warm weather is here!

By now you may have already fired up that old AC. Or perhaps you’re thinking this may be the year to add it! Whether you have equipment that could use a skilled look over or you are shopping for a quote, O’Bear’s is here to help!

Our friendly, professionally trained technicians will happily provide a multi-point inspection and cleaning of your equipment to ensure everything is cleaned and in good working order; as well as provide preventative maintenance tips to help see you through the coming months trouble-free! Just mention our SPRING CLEANING SPECIAL!

If this is the year you want to add it, call us today! We’ll beat ANY local quote (apples-to-apples) and will stand by our work for years to come! We’re locals, born and bred, our name in this community is important to us, so you can bet YOUR satisfaction is our HIGHEST priority!


 SUMMER BREAK! or SUMMER BROKE! school-calendar-graphic

  In just a few weeks, school will be out and many people will have kids at home all day messing around with the thermostat! Get ahead of the game by having us install a SMART thermostat that you can control from your phone so you can keep an eye out for unnecessary or wasteful usage that could freeze your system and cost you unnecessary repairs!




Ahhh warmer weather at last! All that rain and snow this last winter has made EVERYTHING bloom! The trees, the flowers, the weeds…ahhh ahhh ahhh choooo!

Allergies are in full swing! If you haven’t changed your filters lately, you may be suffering more than you need to! As tempting as it may be to open up the windows and let the fresh air in, you are also letting in LOTS of allergens!

Typically, the industry standard is every 3 months to change your filters. But for those that are more sensitive, we suggest closing the windows and changing your filters ONCE a month!

It can make a big difference in your comfort…and tissue usage!


Remember to include your condenser in your spring cleaning too! Sweep away the dirt, debris, leaves and critters that pile imagesXPZB51WCup on the coils of your condenser in the winter months to help avoid expensive repair bills and poor efficiency down the line. 

But don’t forget the furnace! Even though your thermostat isn’t calling for heat, you are still using your furnace! Remember, you’re still using the blower inside the furnace when you flip the switch on the AC! So you still need to have it cleaned regularly. If not properly cleaned by a qualified service technician, the dirt and dust that builds up can still cause things to burn out.  

 Planned Maintenance Program

Regular maintenance can save you money and keep everything running tip top!

O'bears Heating & Air - Planned Maintenance ProgramHeating & Air Conditioning equipment is an INVESTMENT. So protect it! Even NEW equipment needs maintenance to keep it running efficiently. Change your filters every 3 months and get on our Planned Maintenance Program. Our Planned Maintenance Program customers get their Furnace and A/C inspected and serviced twice a year. Having your equipment serviced at regular intervals will help to extend the life of your equipment and often helps to identify a potential issue BEFORE it becomes a costly failure!

Planned Maintenance Program customers also benefit from PRIORITY RESPONSE and DISCOUNTED EMERGENCY FEES in case failure does arise. Call us today and get peace of mind!

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Bring us your quotes

Shopping around? Looking for a trusted HVAC company? Look no further.

thmb_moneyAt O’Bear’s, we know high-dollar repairs or installations can be a tough situation. Who do you go with? Are you paying too much? Are you getting a fair price?

Give us a call today. We can often times beat high dollar estimations saving you nerves AND money while delivering outstanding service, great warranties and the best value for the dollar. We work with you to get your systems running smoothly.

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    "I have never had the pleasure of working with such a professional individual and company in my life. Everything I asked for to be done was done with perfection. Completely over delivered each time working with him. O'Bear's has given my family and myself a new found appreciation to customer service. He sets the bar to how business in our area should be performed. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to your profession. We will be doing much more soon" - Richard L.

    “I am a disabled veteran who has often relied on Mike to perform a variety of jobs not only in my home but on the outside area. His professionalism, timeliness and his completion on these variety projects has always been outstanding. He is always on time and completes each and every task that I request on time and is excellently done.” - Robert T.

    “I can always count on them to answer when I call for help. They are honest, reliable, and always on time, diligent in their work, and they are the only people I call now. Thank you O’Bear’s!” - Amy B.

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