Planned Maintenance Program

Stop problems BEFORE they start!

Heating & Air Conditioning equipment is an investment. So protect it! Even new equipment needs maintenance to keep it running efficiently. O’Bear’s recommends you change your filters every 3 months and get on our Planned Maintenance Program! Our Planned Maintenance Program customers get their furnace and A/C inspected and serviced twice a year. Having your equipment serviced at regular intervals will help to extend the life of your equipment and often helps to identify a potential issue BEFORE it becomes a costly failure!

Planned Maintenance Program customers also benefit from PRIORITY RESPONSE and DISCOUNTED EMERGENCY FEES in case failure does arise. Call us today and get peace of mind.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner looses about 5%-10% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. It can become less and less effective, cooling less air and costing you more money in energy use. With regular tune-ups from O’Bear’s, a unit can maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of an annual tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs.


O’Bear’s A/C service checks include cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking the amp draw of the compressor, oiling the fan motors, checking that belts are well adjusted and not cracking or breaking, and checking the system operating pressures and temperatures against the manufacturer’s rated specifications. One of the most important items to check is the refrigerant level in the air conditioner. A system that is 10% low on refrigerant will cost about 20% more to operate! The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recommends that refrigerant levels be checked every year by a certified professional such as O’Bear’s!

Heating System Maintenance

Performing regular preventative maintenance and cleaning for your heating system is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your investment and ensure that your system operates efficiently and reliably. With regular tune-ups, your system will operate at the highest efficiency and performance levels ensuring comfort during any weather condition and reduce operating costs by allowing your system to produce the same heat while running less. During regular maintenance and cleaning services, O’Bear’s can recognize the warning signs of part deterioration and can perform the necessary repairs. This can prevent expensive heating system breakdowns and reduce the chances of having to entirely replace your heating system.

Protect your Warranty!  While all manufacturers recommend routine maintenance and cleaning for your heating system, some manufacturers’ warranties actually require professional maintenance and cleaning in order for warranties to apply. Therefore, the small investment in regular professional heating system maintenance can result in significant cost savings should repair be necessary. Since some manufacturers require proof of service, remember to keep all of your receipts for professional maintenance and cleaning services performed.

Air Duct Repairs & Installation

Did you know damaged ducts literally cost you money? A damaged duct can ‘leak’ tremendous amounts of heated or air conditioned air costing you valuable money every time the system is on. At O’Bear’s, we can check for damaged ducts and locate leaks that make your HVAC system less efficient. Stop cooling off the outdoors and save money! Have O’Bear’s inspect your duct work for costly leaks or holes!